Saturday, August 14, 2010

We have a new home!

We now have a new home at
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kanchana & Ranil

Team: Jim & Ning
Holy Matrimony: St. Francis Xavier
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Guy Gowan

Guy Gowan is a legend in the world of digital imaging, work flow and manipulations. His seminars and DVDs sell out, he is constantly besieged by questioning followers, and his unique approach and opinions set the agenda for manufacturers worldwide.

Guy is an accredited Adobe and Apple expert, the creator of a popular series of Photoshop tutorial DVDs which instead of merely selling preset Actions teach the user to create their own Actions and Droplets.

He offers a website-based programme to keep photographers up to date with techniques covering the entire Adobe Creative Suite range of products and more.

Guy's talks on the MPA exhibition stand at Focus on Imaging 2009 stopped the traffic - the entire aisle space was taken up by an audience which extended well beyond the seating area. He will be unveiling some new learning methods.

He's also recently received his Fellowship of the MPA for his outstanding tuition over the past three years. This really is a programme not to be missed.

Venue : Bankers Club (Opposite Berjaya Time Square)
Date : 2nd & 3rd April 2010
Time : 9am till 5pm
Price : RM600 for MPA members, RM650 for Non MPA members

for registration please contact: Ning Liaw @ 0127123136

For those whose is interested in joining as a member of MPA,
Here's the chance.

Colin Buck, chief executive of MPA.UK Hon FMPA will be joined by our regional Fellows of the MPA, for an initial induction and qualifications session.

Licentiate qualifications will be judged on the day; candidates must bring 20 mounted examples of their current professional work, minimum size 10 x 8 inches maximum 20 x 16 inches.

The cost of membership including the Licentiate judging is £145. There is no need to notify MPA of your intention to join and submit for qualification, just turn up with your prints on the day.

for more information just log in

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Outlook

Alas! After a year of anticipating, we proudly present to you our new website outlook. Visit

Friday, February 12, 2010

New Year, New Aspiration

Dear Friends,

Kong Hei Fatt Choy!!
How time flies! Looking back year 2009, myself and our team at JLP agreed that it has been amazing!!

The Exodus
If you don't already know it, we have two (2) business identities now i.e. JIM LIAW and JLP by Jim Liaw (which is launched in January 2009). Jim Liaw will still shoot exclusive and beautiful weddings while Braendan Yong and John Seah JLP, our senior photographers, will be shooting under JLP. They are personally and specifically trained by myself in handling both wedding portraiture and wedding day photography series. Till date; believe it or not; they are very popular and highly sought by to-be brides and grooms this year (2010).

A weekend with the Nikonian
In March 2009, working hand-in-hand with Nikonian Academy, I have conducted a photography workshop. It was such an amazing workshop and I have a fond memory of it especially those who had attended my previous workshops came back to seek further information and knowledge. Well done!

Destination Pre-wedding to Paris
Myself and Ning had a wonderful trip to Paris for 2 weeks to photograph fine art wedding portraits (FAWP) with three (3) lovely Malaysian couples who are based in London. Since it is summer when the day broke so early and ended late, both the Bride & Groom together with Sharon, our all time make-up stylist partner, had to start their styling sessions as early as 4:00 a.m. The first session ended around 11:00 a.m. as the contrast is too wide for the camera to handle. Then, we started shooting again around 8:30p.m. and called it a day past midnight around 12:30a.m. Shooting FAWP, one after another, I recalled that people on the street was watching and starring at us when one of three couples came out from the underground metro subway at Elysses in their suit & tie and wedding gown and while we had our “dinner” at McDonalds. Wow, what a fun session!

An 'Escapade' to Melbourne
I took my family to Melbourne for holiday as well as learning the album design software from Album Australia. We also met up with our former clients and delighted to be informed that they have an additional family member. I experienced their happiness, joy & greatest love, and happy that they now assume not only the role of a husband and wife but father and mother. Congratulations from myself, Ning & Clement!

911 Workshop
The two (2) days 911 Workshop at Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort, Ipoh was a success. We have overlooked that it is the Muslim fasting month, but we still went ahead with the workshop and happy to know that there is a muslim participant. We are blessed with a real life model during live shooting session. We had a wonderful photo retouching & sharing session. It was an amazing workshop and unfortunately it has to end early because some participant has to go back to Singapore and Kuching. Personally, in addition to conducting and training for the workshop, the best experienced I learnt from this workshop is the pool of experiences from the participants' diversified industry background, which they brought along with them. The friendship bond established does not end just at saying “goodbye”, “Take care” and “See you soon”, the 'saga' continues in Facebook. Not only that, those who resides in KL are having their teh-tarik sessions. Also, I have trainees who asked me when will be my next workshop because they have not attending any since 911. Well, please be patient, we are still planning for it.

Master of Photographers' Association (MPA) in Singapore
Judges from the UK, Kelvin Wilson, Richard Dutkowski, Guy Gowan and MPA’s Chief Executive Colin Buck were in Singapore in October 2009. We have a record of 40 attendances and we are classified as Far East & South East Asia Region zone in MPA. It is here that the MPA has the most rapid growth and recruiting some of the best social talent. At this 2009 Singapore Masters Seminar, a trade sponsored event saw further 23 new members and 17 successful Associates and Fellows. The culmination of several years development programs, is now chaired by Ryan Wong, FMPA for Singapore and Jim Liaw FMPA for Malaysia.

Fellowship Award
It is my long term dream to be awarded Fellowship with MPA so I started working on my panel images at the very beginning of year 2009. Spending time deciding on the locations for the project, shooting the style and how I wanted to present it to the panel judges are tedious. The process i.e. the shooting, the post-processing, the colour management, the media selection for the prints and card mounted, images arrangement to be presented in a well-balanced way; took me more than a year altogether to complete my fellowship panel. In total, I had spent 2 years for the project. Failed my 1st attempt and got it the second year, 2009. It is totally WORTH IT & I LOVE IT. I strongly urge those enthusiastic professional photographers to start getting into the process. Don’t just let your clients assessing your work, do let your peers to judge them. You will come out stronger and well informed where you are and where are the areas that you need to improve. Find out your specialty and start market yourself. Most importantly, you gained yourself a good qualification from a world wide recognized institution and they are your proven skills and hard work. Come join us at the MPA Master Photographers.

A "Roaring" Year of the Tiger
JLP has entered the most busy festive and weddings jammed pack months i.e. shooting, post-processing, entertaining and socializing during Christmas, New Year & Chinese New Year's time. Seeing many of our Clients who are back from overseas and relatives, the experience of the inter-relationship is so good. What a year!!

The year 2010 will see our new studio to be ready around March / April. Wanting to shoot more contemporary and traditional classic portraitures, I decided to build a full scale studio with proper lighting equipment. Many of our former clients are asking for their family and babies portrait done. Really looking forward to shoot these sessions. With new cameras and equipments, the planning of getting these new toys are fun & exciting. And Jim Liaw Photography is entering a new photographic era.